System Features


  • Compliant multi-carrier shipping system including TL, LTL and courier
  • Touch screen interface for ease of use
  • Rich reporting tools
  • Freight analysis tool to compare carrier rates
  • Email notification
  • 4 modes of operation; stand-alone workstation, integrated workstation, in-line shipping and shipping server mode

  • Easy to set up...Easy to use..

    Workstation shipping setups are the easist and least complex options that also provides the most versatility.

    Fully integrated into your WMS or ERP system, or in stand-alone mode, a workstation shipping solution will allow you to control and manage your shipping operations while reducing the cost and time involved in shipping.

    ISI's workstation shipping system has been designed to be quick to use and simple to learn making it easy for multiple staff to be trained quickly even if they have had no prior shipping experience.

    A touch screen option can be added to further enhance the shipping process and allow stations to be added where a desktop keyboard and mouse are not convenient.

    As with all ISI shipping system capabitlities, the workstation approach can provide full control over the shipping process and provide detailed reporting for managing your carriers and freight bills.








    ISI's workstations are designed to be easy and intuitive, decreasing training costs and errors. A touch screen option is available to make shipping even eaiser.