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System Features


  • Compliant multi-carrier shipping system including TL, LTL and courier
  • Touch screen interface for ease of use
  • Rich reporting tools
  • Freight analysis tool to compare carrier rates
  • Email notification
  • 4 modes of operation; stand-alone workstation, integrated workstation, in-line shipping and shipping server mode

  • Replace picking labels with shipping labels to reduce costs

    For clients who are using RF WMS systems to manage their picking operations, ISI's Transportation System can provide a means to eliminate the shipping process by replacing the traditional picking label with a carrier compliant shipping label.

    Using this method, your shipping operations can be completed as you pick removing the need for a second shipping process and label.

    In this environment, the shipping system becomes a shipping server, generating labels for the pick operation as they are needed.

    Once a box is completed in the picking process, it is automatically added to the shipping manifest and is ready for carrier pickup without any additional processing.

    A powerful time saving option, label server setups need to be carefully analyzed to be sure that your process can handle such an operation. If it can, though, it can eliminate considerable costs and time from your pick/ship cycle.






    Using a shipping server option can eliminate the need for shippers in your process, providing substantial savings.