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System Features


  • Compliant multi-carrier shipping system including TL, LTL and courier
  • Touch screen interface for ease of use
  • Rich reporting tools
  • Freight analysis tool to compare carrier rates
  • Email notification
  • 4 modes of operation; stand-alone workstation, integrated workstation, in-line shipping and shipping server mode

  • Fully automate your shipping process eliminating paperwork and reducing shipping cost.

    ISI's Transporation Management System (marketed under the Imagine brand name) permits for the full automation of your shipping process.

    Multiple carriers can be entered and rated easily for each shipment allowing you to choose the lowest cost to deliver your goods.

    The system can operate as either a fully independent system, or as an integrated component of your warehouse systems exchanging information with your ERP or WMS system.

    Multiple parallel stations may be added to allow for large shipping requirements or for multiple shipping locations.

    Additional modules are available for freight analysis, transport invoice audit, carrier performance measuring and automatic email notification.

    Add sortation to further increase efficiency.
    The ISI shipping system can also be integrated with sorters to automatically divert boxes to the appropriate carrier lanes.

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    Ship while you pick with the ISI Shipping Server.
    The ISI Shipping system can run as a shipping server to your WMS system, allowing you to complete the shipping and picking process at the same time.

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    inlineInline Shipping
    Integrate your shipping to your current product flow and cut a step from your process.

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