ISI has receiving solutions in variety of different methods including workstation based systems, handheld and integaration with material handling systems.

Each of our system can be integrated with your existing ERP or WMS solution retaining your current investment in technology.




Automating your receiving process improves your entire operation

Properly receiving goods into your warehouse is the first step in insuring your inventories are correct and can have a dramatic impact on the rest of your operations.

ISI offers a variety of options for receiving goods from workstation based receiving modules to RF options to fully automated material handling systems to both receive and sort inbound goods for put away.

Solutions can be integrated with your existing ERP or WMS system to confirm and update items ordered and can be combined with custom labeling or ticketing to allow items to be identified in downstream processes.







ISI's receiving systems can be integrated with material handling systems to improve efficiency and shorten time to put material into inventory.