OEE Primer

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is a simple yet powerful metric that allows you to see how well your automated operations are performing.

When combined with automatic monitoring and real-tme score calculation, OEE allows you easily monitor individual equipment and overall plant production and identify areas for improvement.

OEE monitors three key metrics in the production of an overall OEE score; Availability, Performance and Quality as a percentage (see sidebar). The overall OEE score is calculated by multiplying these metrics together.

OEE = Availability x Performance x Quality

While many production plants and warehouses display productivity figures in terms of products produced per hour or shift, OEE monitors the entire operation, ensuring for example that you are not trading quality for increased throughput.


Availability - The percentage of time equipment is available to production. Lower scores here point to excessive downtime or planning shortcomings.

Performance - The percentage of total expected quantity produced during the equipments available time. Lower scores here point to productivity issues at the equipment itself, either slower running of the equipment or minor failures during production.

Quality - Measures the total useable product produced over the total production. Lower scores here point to quality issues with equipment, staffing or raw materials.



Providng real-time displays of OEE scores throughout your plant can increase staff awareness and leads to overall increases in productivity