OEE Integration

While certain parts of OEE can be measured manually (quality for example), others (such as performance) are almost impossible to measure effectively without automated monitoring of the equipment itself.

ISI's OEEplus is a integrated solution that ties directly into your existing equipment to monitor and measure performance.

Beyond OEE, OEEplus also allows you to see what your biggest causes of downtime are and even allows you to set specific monitors to help troubleshoot tricky production issues.

ISI's expertise in PLC and HMI systems allow us to offer our clients a total solution approach with integrates all aspects of production or distribtuion to provide an effective OEE solution.


Integration Benefits:

-Automatically captures difficult to measure OEE metrics

-Allows for capture of down-time reasons to help in identifying sources of issues

-Permits tracking of key elements in order to troubleshoot

OEE Primer
Understand the metrics that are involved in OEE.

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