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IWFS - Increases Customer Service

IWFS increases customer service in three very important areas; in-store pick-up, reduced stock-outs and reduced time-in-transit.

In-Store Pick-up

In-store pick-up (where clients buy online and pick up their orders from a nearby store) has proven itself to be an extremely popular option with both online buyers and retailers.

For online shoppers, in-store pick-up allows them to get their purchases faster and to avoid costly shipping charges.

For retailers, in-store pick-up brings more traffic into the store driving additional impulse purchases.

Retailers who have implemented aggressive in-store pick-up programs are reporting that upwards of 50% of their web orders are now in-store pick-up orders.

IWFS includes the functionality to offer your clients this valuable purchasing option, without any additional incremental expenses.

Reduce time-in-transit

Since most orders are shipped from the closest store to the client, the IWFS process reduces shipping time on your customer's orders by an average of 50% when compared with a centralized DC approach, to the delight of your customers. And the shipping costs to the retailer are lower as well! A true win-win situation.












Reduce stock-outs

Stock-outs are frustrating for both shoppers and retailers alike. In traditional web programs, you need to create a segregated inventory to support web sales. Inevitably, there will be times when inventory that is wanted online will only be available in the store, and vice-versa.

IWFS solves this problem by making the entire chain-wide inventory available to online customers, while it is still available to store clients. The result is a dramatic reduction in stock-outs without additional costs.