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STARFIRE- Store level fulfillment system

STARFIRE is the store level component of the IWFS solution that manages the fulfillment of individual orders in each store.

As new orders are received by STARFIRE, an audible alert is sounded to inform store personnel while a picking slip and carrier compliant shipping label are printed at the cash.

Store level staff need simply put the requested item into a shipping box, apply the carrier label, and scan the label at the cash to complete the fulfillment process.

The system will then communicate with IODINE at the head office and automatically send a carrier pickup request (in the case of a store ship order), or send an email to the client informing them that their order is ready for pickup (in the case of a store pick-up order).

Easily validate and confirm in-store returns

The STARFIRE module also contains tools that allow store staff to look-up orders to verify in-store returns. Clients can be found by any number of elements including order reference, client name, client phone number or postal code allowing store staff to quickly and easily determine the validity of a return.






Easy, intuitive interface reduces training costs and operator errors

Automatic monitoring ensures orders are not missed

Store staff is automatically reminded if they have any outstanding orders to fulfill be re-issuing audible alerts at a set interval, and can use different tones to indicate different order types or order status.

Store staff can also inform the system if they are currently under-staffed or if a particular item is out-of-stock at the STARFIRE screen. In this case, the IODINE module will automatically route orders to the next best location for fulfillment.

Should a store exceed the set time to fulfill an order, the system can be automatically set to re-route the order, or alert head-office support staff.