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IODINE - Integrated Order Dispatch Engine

The core module of the system, called IODINE, is a distributed order management system that controls and monitors the entire fulfillment operation.

IODINE provides the tools to manage fulfillment operations in a simple fashion. Rules regarding how orders are to be fulfilled are set and the system handles the rest, ensuring that service level commitments are kept, and alerting appropriate customer service or IT staff if they are not.

IODINE's automated order distribution ties into the entire chain's store level inventory determining the best point for fulfillment based on inventory availability, distance to client, and current order loads at the store level.

Order loads are balanced across the chain automatically and results in minimal impact on other store operations. Most stores will only need to process a few orders a day, each taking just a few minutes. For most retail operations, this fulfillment will not result in increased costs at the store level.

A system dashboard allows the entire fulfillment operation to be monitored in real time and a full suite of reporting tools allow retailers to evaluate their fulfillment performance and make improvements where needed.





Interactive Dashboard provides complete program overview at-a-glance.





Complete rule set management allows you to establish how orders are to be processed across the network at a chain, banner, region and store level ensuring proper load balancing and avoiding order saturation.