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System Features


  • Compliant multi-carrier shipping system including TL, LTL and courier
  • Touch screen interface for ease of use
  • Rich reporting tools
  • Freight analysis tool to compare carrier rates
  • Email notification
  • 4 modes of operation; stand-alone workstation, integrated workstation, in-line shipping and shipping server mode

  • Leverage your existing operations

    ISI's transportation solution can be integrated into your existing material handling solution to eliminate the need for a separate shipping process.

    Combined with an in-line printer applicator, the shipping process can be completed automatically as boxes are conveyed to the shipping area.

    Additional stations can be installed to handle customer service or management inquiries and reports.

    Separate scanning and diverting can be added at shipping to move boxes to the appropriate carrier lane completing the process for shipping preparation.

    The in-line option, when married to ISI's advanced shipping system can provide a powerful and efficient shipping solution.







    Inline shipping can cut costs dramatically in shipping by leveraging existing operations.