ISI installed solutions. ISI has been involved in hunders of different supply chain projects over the years. Below is a sampling of some of them.

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Since bringing color to motion pictures 90 years ago, Technicolor has evolved into a global and diversified corporation that is now considered the preeminent worldwide provider of services to the media and entertainment industries. In addition to being the world’s most prolific processor of motion picture film, Technicolor is also the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of pre-recorded videocassettes, DVD-Video, DVD-ROM, and CD-ROM. On an annualized basis, Technicolor has the ability to process five billion feet of motion picture release prints, and the capacity to produce in excess of 1.7 billion DVDs.

ISI installed solution.
A client since 1999, Technicolor relies on ISI Integration software to verify and price label their orders, comply with the ASN requirements of their retail clients, and manage the returns processed on behalf of their studio clients. ISI systems are integrated with high speed material handling equipment and the company's SAP installation to provide full visibility and management of the distribution activities.